What is the minimum length requirement for donating hair?
We can accept hair donations that are 10 inches (before braiding) or longer.
Longer is always better! Click here to view our hair donation instructions.

Do you accept color treated hair?
Yes! We can accept color treated hair as long as it is healthy and undamaged.

Can I drop off my hair donation in person?
No. We do not have an office location to accept donations. We only have a mailing address.

Where should I send my hair donation?
Please mail to:
Crowns of Courage - Attn: Hair Donations
4900 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 3000
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
Be sure to read through our hair donation instructions prior to mailing.

Can I find out who receives my hair donation?
No. Since our recipients are minors and due to patient privacy, we cannot share that information.

Is there somewhere I can go for a free haircut if I'm donating my hair?
Not at this time. But any stylist should be able to follow the simple directions for cutting the hair properly.
We do hold free haircutting parties occasionally, so follow us on social media to stay informed of these events!

Do you accept gray hair?
Unfortunately, we are unable to accept gray hair. If you would like to color treat your gray hair before donating, we can accept color treated hair. Children with Hair Loss is another organization that accepts gray hair.

How will I know my hair donation has been received?
If you are concerned about your hair donation reaching us, please send it with a tracking number via UPS or Priority Mail.
If you would like to know that your donation has been received, please include your name and a legible email address.
We acknowledge hair donations on a monthly basis, as time allows. Your patience is greatly appreciated.


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Do you charge patients for their halo wig?
No, never! We provide our halo wigs at absolutely no cost to the family and we never turn away a child going through chemotherapy.

How long does it take to receive a halo wig?
Typical turn-around time is two weeks.

Do you provide halo wigs for adult cancer patients?
We do not. But, we have a partnership with another foundation who can help. Please send us an email to learn more: crownsofcourage@gmail.com

I'm requesting a wig for my child, but they already lost their hair. Can a friend or family member donate on their behalf?
Yes! Please just be sure to include the completed request form along with the hair so we know who it is meant for.

Crowns of courage halo wig