When Ashlyn was diagnosed with a
rare life-threatening blood disorder
at the age of ten and told she
needed a bone marrow
transplant, one of her biggest
fears was losing her hair.

Just weeks before Ashlyn was
scheduled to be admitted to
Phoenix Children's Hospital for
her bone marrow transplant, her
family learned of a special type of halo
wig that is made using real hair. Ashlyn was able to cut her OWN hair and send it away to be returned in the form of a halo wig.  Wearing this wig gave her confidence and allowed her to feel normal around her friends.  

It made such a difference in Ashlyn's recovery that she knew she had to do something to help other children. This is how Crowns of Courage was born!

Crowns of Courage is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children overcome the fear of chemotherapy-related hair loss.  We provide halo wigs to any child undergoing chemotherapy, at no cost to the family.   


What is Crowns of Courage?